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Author of M/M and Fantasy books.

Snapshots: Bite Me (HoK #1.5) (M/M)

Bite Me (HoK #1.5)  - Samantha Lau

My first short story has been published at Smashwords. It's the first time I'm using it to upload an ebook, and I think it doesn't quite like the formatting I use, however, it's there for anyone to get. :)

You can also purchase it by by requesting it via comment/email, which would give me a higher cut than Smashowrds, if you liked it (or just generally like my writing) and wanted to support me (also, these are cleaner versions that I've converted myself, so there's that, too).


If you want to give a try to my writing but don't want to pay for it, Bite Me is also up for free (yes, it's also free!), but only for my followers on Wattpad.




Bite Me is a vampire/werewolf paranormal erotic short story featuring two characters from the House of Kasyanov Series (Book 1.5). It is also part of the Snapshots Anthology.



Warning: Adult Content (18+), M/M erotica. 


Purchase it Here: Smashwords